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A/V-Theater, Surround Sound, Scene Lighting and other automations

We will complete your project for an A/V-Home Theater system that will match any system available, and at considerable cost savings. This includes either 5.1 ranging to 7.2 protocol systems. This also includes HDMI 1.3 protocol networking. We can provide a system that is the true theater experience with one touch of a color-touch-screen controller, your scene and even other lights throughout your home and theater area can be controlled with scene lighting, the DVD will be loaded and the system will start the movie. At the conclusion when you press the stop button this sequence will be reversed to ring up the lights in theater fashion, including any scene lights, hall lights to areas in your home and shut down all devices for the video, sound, etc. Whether you desire to watch a movie, watch TV, play a cd, or play from you iphone docked device, or bring up selectable scene lighting features, this is all available at the touch of a single icon on the color-touch-screen controller.

We offer also selectable scene lighting to be used anywhere through out your home for the mood effects you would like to present. This is not tied as certain other providers are with just a selected scene, but you can custom changed at will to different user selectable scenes, adding or dropping various lighting systems to the scene. If you desire to automate any other functions in your project this is attainable and at very reasonable budgeted costs.

Our home theater surround system is computer balanced for the furniture in your home, whether it be theater seating or couches, sofas, tables etc. This is all designed to produce optimum listening for any areas selected with the best possible sound. We use speakers that can be custom supplied to ceiling areas with minimum profile while at the same time providing the best in possible sound production authenticity (20 HRZ to 22K HRZ range). We have an example of our Home theater system so you can appraise the reality of how it will function in your project. Whether you desire a system with flat screen digital high definition or a projector typical system we can do either to your satisfaction at very economical and competive pricing. We specialize in remote controlled systems so your project is very clean and streamlined appearance -- all equipment is concealed in a remoted room away from visual of the featured theater. Only the color touch-screen controller is needed for all operations.

One of the most robust features of our systems is the we do not require specialized constructions such scene lighting legs and panels to be installed in your home or theater areas for our system to operate. We can install our systems in either new or retrofit situations. We make useage of your normal home installed wiring to transmit digital signals, this along with RF signals to operate and control our systems. The considerable costs for lighting control panels, control wiring circuits and specialized wiring is not necessary with any of our systems and this results in other considerable cost savings.