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Electrical Contracting--We Can Do or Fix Anything Electrical

We can do and fix anything electrical, whatever your project, large or small, planned work or Emergency related projects. This applies in a very literal sense; we have expertise at fixing or doing most any solutions involving electrical. Since the early days of our company we have had multiple licensing for General, Electrical and Engineering Constructions. We are exceptional in our experience and qualifications as electrical contractors. Most likely with a phone conversation, we can talk to you to help solving your solutions for electrical projects, emergency work, or estimates. Unlike most contractors we also have a broad and specific understanding for most construction trades on quality and expertise. Definitely we are not merely "paper contractors." Being so called by this term; is because most often, such contractors have little expertise in any specific field and principally rely upon subcontractors who have ability to proceed with the technical portions for the project. This is not true of Stewart & Co., Inc. we have expertise in all areas of constructions and have accomplished these. This includes that we are excellent stand-alone Electrical contractors with extensive experience over decades of accomplishing "Anything Electrical." Whether you are talking Commercial-Industrial complex and multimillion dollar projects for federal, state or private interests; or solar/wind generation systems; variable speed motor controllers; UPS-Battery backup systems both with or without emergency power generation; high voltage transmission both overhead and underground; any types of communications (microwave, telecommunications, fiber optic); automations with color touch-screen capable controllers; sound systems (distributed audio, surround systems 5.1 and 7.2); lighting control systems (stage lighting, scene lighting); security (infra red, ultra sound, balanced magnetic); integrated computerized controllers for any systems; HDMI 1.3 protocol switched- networks; or customized control and distribution systems for clean rooms, computer centers, server centers -- we have decades of expertise and contracting experience.

In this same light, we offer our expertise to help you evaluate and plan your project. This includes Free Plans (See Free Plans). When we have completed your project planning and estimations you will have confidence that you are within budget for your project, there are not any hidden surprises. We guarantee our contract with you based on absence of catastrophic failure due to consequences beyond anyone's control (such as natural disasters, extreme vandalism, etc.).

Stewart & Co., Inc., will take the guess work out of the design and installations; it will be a project with lasting value and a legacy of continuing pride and durability.